It has proven to be, in recent years, a Professional Association benchmark in the study and disclosure of Compliance and has one of the most complete and recognized Masters in THIS field on the national scene, which includes as teachers, judges and magistrates, prosecutors, lawyers, Compliance Officers and all relevant regulators for the function of Compliance.

The Compliance Section of the ICAB was created in May 2017 and since its foundation it has stood out for its great activity in the spreading of Compliance among the Barcelona Bar and then, in turn, to civil society.

One of its main objectives has been the permanent search for dialogue between lawyers and Compliance Officers in order to find points of collaboration and common synergies between external consultants and the Compliance functions of the organizations.


It is the oldest and most recognized Compliance association in the national scene. Currently, it has more than 1,000 members and adherents, and the Barcelona Congress coincides with its 5th anniversary.

ASCOM is the member in Spain of IFCA – the International Federation of Compliance Associations that encompasses the main Compliance associations of the five continents, jointly adding more than 20,000 associates and affiliates around the world.

Among its main activities it is worth mentioning the CESCOM certification, considered the main professional certification of Compliance in Spain and for which the students of the ICAB Master are prepared, the COMPLIANCE DIALOGUE jointly co-organized in Barcelona by both entities, the WHITE PAPER OF THE FUNCTION DE COMPLIANCE and the creation of the COMPLIANCE STUDYIES INSTITUTE with a research and training program oriented towards the Specialization of the Compliance Officer.